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Type Sailing Pram
Length 9' 6"
Beam 4' 5"
Hull weight ~85 lbs.
Crew 1-2
Sail Area 40 sq. ft.
Power 2 HP outboard optional
Product # SC

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The versatile and easily built Scamp is an enlarged version of Sprite, our popular 8 ft. flat-bottom pram. At 9’-6” length, and 4’-5” beam, she is the perfect step up from Sprite for those wanting more capacity and comfort. Scamp also has a broader stern transom designed to accommodate a small outboard motor for extended cruising and trolling. My wife and I use our Scamp as a beach cruiser for exploring some of our favorite sheltered waters. There’s plenty of room for the two of us plus sleeping bags, a small tent and lunch box. In the evening we simply pull up on a beach and set up camp.

And Scamp is still light and small enough to easily cartop or stow in the back of a compact pickup for no-fuss transportation, a real plus for those who love uncomplicated boating. Her sailing rig is larger than Sprite’s, for better performance, but incorporates all the same features of simplicity and efficiency, and can be stowed inside the boat. The hull is built from 2 1/2 sheets of marine plywood, and all the structural joinery is gotten from common lumberyard materials. Building procedures are the same as for Sprite, and are uncomplicated and aimed toward the first-time boat builder.

The plans include detailed large-scale drawings for all assemblies, an accurate layout for the plywood planking and full size patterns for important parts. No lofting is required. Spar and sail plans detailing the rigging are also included, as well as a comprehensive booklet of construction notes that describe all components and building procedures and is number-keyed to the corresponding parts and assemblies in the drawings.

Includes Scamp plans, patterns, instructions, and US shipping.

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