Boatbuilding My Way

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Our fourth edition is in print, and now also available by email in PDF format. It includes lots of new and updated information, and features complete plans and instructions for building two Jordan Wood Boats favorites: the 12 ft. solo canoe “Newt”, and the cradle boat “Papoose.”

A complete guide to my style of boatbuilding, this comprehensive manual is aimed toward the non-professional builder, and details the construction methods, and time and labor-saving techniques I have developed over the years to simplify and enhance the building process. Featuring large 8 1/2” × 11” format, 144 pages & 72 illustrations and tables, this book is the ideal companion to plans from Jordan Wood Boats.

Contents: Choosing a Design; The Boat Shop; Tools; Wood & Plywood; Fasteners; Adhesives & Sealants; The Layout; Jigs; Setting Up and Fairing; Lining Off and Spiling; Planking and Fitting Out; Finishing; Building The 12 ft. Solo Canoe Newt & The Cradle Boat Papoose; Oars & Paddles; Sails, Spars and Rigging; Rudders; Centerboards,Daggerboards & Leeboards; Motors; Flotation & Safety; The Boating Picnic Basket; Glossary.

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Mr. Jordan uses his hard-earned experience and respect for tradition to teach the reader how and why to choose, start, finish, float—and perhaps even to love a well-built small boat. With fourteen information-packed chapters, you will be competently taken from choosing a design and method, through boating safety—all smartly done. This book’s table of contents reads like the course outline of a traditional boatbuilding school. I think Mr. Jordan’s sense of modesty has kept him from giving his book the more fitting title “Boatbuilding the Right Way.”
—Rob Parish, Small Craft Advisor

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