Our selection of innovative designs that have helped launch countless wooden boats on the world’s waterways, in more than fifty countries. All boat plans are meticulously developed and drawn with the amateur builder in mind. Please browse through our site, where you’ll find plans for a variety of distinctive cradle boats and watercraft, as well as our comprehensive boatbuilding manual. And, we invite you to visit our Builder’s Gallery to see examples of the results you can expect from our plans.

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Li'l Longship-New Cradle Boat

Introducing Li’l Longship. Designed in the spirit of the Viking Longship, her sweeping lines and imposing figureheads embody the spirit of adventure when Norse sailors ruled the waterways of Europe.

Dulcibella-A Classic Beauty

Our collection of boat plans includes a variety of styles, from simple utility boats for the sportsman, to more elegant types like the classic Norwegian Pram, Dulcibella. All of our plans include highly detailed large-scale drawings, comprehensive construction notes, and full-size patterns where applicable.

Jolly Boat Rocker

A nicely customized Jolly Boat by Bill Boehm of Palmdale, California. Browse through our Builder’s Gallery to see other fine examples of our customers’ projects.

Teachers & Mentors

The wood boat plans and wooden boat building manual featured on my website have proven to be highly effective teaching tools for use in industrial arts classes, boatbuilding schools, adult education, and a variety of community and youth development programs. Activities that challenge both hand and mind, teach valuable occupational skills, encourage teamwork and cooperation, and result in a product that inspires a sense of pride and accomplishment can be valuable academic and community resources.

My boat plans are all designed for the amateur boat builder, and by using my book as a guide, the instructor requires no prior boatbuilding experience. And, there are many opportunities for interdisciplinary instruction because building a wooden boat typically involves a host of related skills. For more information please contact me.